Do you wanna be feared on t' seas, hack t' heads o' t' unwent t' Davy Jones' locker and reap t' booty?

Then climb aboard me young bucko and let's get t' work.

Arrrgh!!! is a Pirate based game set in a Steam Punk Universe.

In this alternate Universe much of civilization hasn’t evolved beyond the 17th century. Slow advancements in technology have prevented the human race from developing into the advanced Universe we live in.

The coupling of the discovery of a steam fissure from the earth’s core with the accidental invention of a steam powered flour mill by Edmund Scooging in 1597 sparked a renaissance in alternate forms of power. Soon steam from the earth’s core, and subsequently produced human steam generators started to flourish.

However, the human race was not entirely ready for this “accidental” industrial revolution and thus advancements made in this area tremendously outpaced advancements in other technology sectors.

Several hundred years later the human race is still languishing in the “Steam Revolution”. Lights, vehicles, industry, weapons, are all powered by steam. The “luck” in developing the steam power was not matched in other areas such as; gun powder, petroleum, and electricity.

With these setbacks the Arrrgh!!! Universe has wallowed in the lawlessness and treachery of the Pirate era.

The first level of Arrrgh!!! takes place on a deserted penal colony built on a steam spewing volcano fissure. This steam is required to repower the Pirate ships to sail on to more Booty.

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