March 29, 2016
Arrrgh!!! Alpha gameplay trailer released at GDC. Look for our public alpha build soon.

(Right click on the image and choose "save target as...")

March 29, 2016
Two new characters for Arrrgh!!!

March 29, 2016
The Blackice Games team will be presenting Arrrgh!!! at the Computer Game Technology Conference in Toronto in April and will be entering it into the student game competition. The team will also be doing a demonstration on how the team captured and implemented the fencing mocap animation into the game. Click here for more info.

March 8, 2016
Derek Elliott, Producer for Arrrgh!!!, is invited by Discreet to the Game Developers Conference to give a lecture on developing Arrrgh!!! with 3dsmax. Visit our homepage at

March 3, 2016
Arrrgh!!! is featured in the Educational section of Discreet's website #/education

February 25, 2016
Beta Testing Team- If you would like to part of the beta testing team on Arrrgh!!! send an email to [email protected] with a short description of why you think you would be a good beta tester for our game.

February 2, 2016
Arrrgh!!! concept artists capture the true meaning of "Kicking Ass".

January 13, 2016
The Arrrgh!!! team does interview for Unreal Universe - Click here

January 7, 2016
Movies and Renders from our latest Mocap Session:

January 6, 2016
Arrrgh!!! Public forums are open

December 14, 2015
Arrrgh!!! website redesigned

December 12, 2015
Black Ice Games has test session in our Mocap Studio with members of York University’s fencing team

December 3, 2015
Sound engineers are busy at Black Ice Games developing the music and sound effects for the mod

October 31, 2015
The mod is entered into the “Making Something Unreal Contest”.

October 2, 2015
Arrrgh!!! website launches

June 15, 2015
Black Ice Games announces its first game “Arrrgh!!!” is in development

June 5, 2015
Black Ice Games is formed. Black Ice Games is a team of students and faculty from Seneca College in Toronto Canada. The goal of the Black Ice Games team is to make games that don’t suck. Pitch period begins for our first game.

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