Our Team

Arrrgh!!! Is an Unreal2003 mod developed by a group called Black Ice Games.

The team is comprised of students and faculty of Seneca College:

  • Animation Arts Centre - Gaming Program
  • School of Communication Arts – Digital Media Arts Program
  • School of Computer Studies – Computer Programming & Analysis

Game Design:
Michael Piechota

Project Managers:
Stuart Starr
Derek Elliott

Derek Elliott
Technical Director:
Michael Irwin

Art Director:
Elliot Christian

Andrea Zanini
Chi Chun Ng
Daniel Gershtein
Denny Borges
Derek Elliott
Ewan Lee
Kyle Rocha
Luke Shelswell
Matt Siftan
Michael Irwin
Nick Wood
Stuart Starr

Mocap Technicians:
Tony Lomonaco
Marty Kumor

Mocap Talent - Fencers:
Conor Meldrum
Mark Furry

Michael Irwin
John Strever
Sean Homer
Stefan Di Iorio

Level Design:
Luke Shelswell
Michael Irwin
Michael Piechota

Level Building:
Michael Irwin
Luke Shelswell

Sound Director:
Tim Willison

Patrick Wong
Paul Oldham
Paul Soeiro
Sean Edwards
Tony Monorchio
Kanwar Dhillon
Marc Pelland
Chris McArthur
Justin Krinke
Rob Brander
Sean Savelli

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